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    The House on Pleasant Street

    Alby and his familiar new on Pleasant Street. Their house is perfect, with great tree to climb, and a pool. Their pet, Delia, is still in training, but she’s settling in just fine. 

    And tonight is Halloween - Alby’s favourite night of the year - so ANYTHING could happen…

    A hilarious story about family and friendship, and what happens when trick-or-treating doesn’t go to plan.



  • Infinite splendours cover

    The Glow

    Megan kept drawing. The drawing seemed to have a mind of its own. She felt herself begin to panic. She wanted to stop. But her hand didn’t stop. Please, could she stop. Stop!

    Megan is obsessed with drawing fantastical creatures, and she shares her drawings with her best friend Li who writes stories to go with the pictures. They are kindred spirits with big creative dreams.
    One day everyone in town - except Megan and Li - is immobilised by a strange glow coming from their devices. Megan and Li are initially frightened and alarmed, but when they realise they are somehow immune, they set out to seek help
    Soon a thrilling battle unfolds, pitting all of their creative energies against the terrible monster that has ensnared everyone else around them. 
    A wonderfully spooky story that is part adventure, part epic battle and a overall a superb celebration of friendship and creativity.


  • Infinite splendours cover

    When You're Older

    Baby brother. I can’t wait until you’re older. Just imagine the adventures that lie ahead…

    An exquisitely illustrated and deeply joyful celebration of the bond between brothers.

    Join them as they explore the far reaches of this wild and amazing world, side by side every step of the way.

    From two highly acclaimed and award-winning creators.


  • Infinite splendours cover

    The Song of Lewis Carmichael

    A beautiful, illustrated adventure story with a classic feel, about a quiet boy and a talking crow on an extraordinary hot-air balloon ride to the Arctic.

    Matthew stood on the snowy peak and stared out at the world spread before him. Every picture in his books had been limited by the size of the page, contained within frames. Here, there was no frame. Here, the picture didn't end. Beyond those icy plains, the sea, and beyond the sea, a land that floated on the ice, drifting northwards. Matthew put the binoculars to his eyes and saw valleys and cliffs and rivers all made of snow. Everywhere was white.

    Matthew has dreamed and read and thought about the North Pole for as long as he can remember. And he has done it secretly. It is a place that cannot be tarnished by the world in which he lives - a world in which he struggles to find answers and make friends, while everything seems to come easily to other children.

    But one day, a crow called Lewis Carmichael lands at Matthew's window - a crow who believes in Matthew in the most simple and ordinary ways. Soon, the unexpected voyage of a lifetime begins, and it will change everything…

    An unforgettable adventure story from award-winning children's book author Sofie Laguna, with enchanting illustrations by Marc McBride.

    'Lyrical, mesmerising and full of heart... full of delight and problems that are surmountable through determination and creativity. A beautiful and compassionate story that will resonate with any child who has a strong sense of wonder.' Books+Publishing

    'Utterly exquisite… has all the hallmarks of a contemporary classic… This is a classic hero's journey written with great sensitivity…complemented by beautiful line drawings.' Angela Crocombe, Readings

    'An allusive, timeless fable that will be savoured by young and old readers. It is multifaceted and thought-provoking, with the tone and style of a classic.' The Australian


  • the-choke

    The Choke

    I never had words to ask anybody the questions, so I never had the answers.

    Abandoned by her mother and only occasionally visited by her secretive father, Justine is raised by her pop, a man tormented by visions of the Burma Railway. Justine finds sanctuary in Pop's chooks and The Choke, where the banks of the Murray River are so narrow it seems they might touch - a place of staggering natural beauty. But the river can't protect Justine from danger. Her father is a criminal, and the world he exposes her to can be lethal.

    Justine is overlooked and underestimated, a shy and often silent observer of her chaotic world. She learns that she has to make sense of it on her own. She has to find ways to survive so much neglect. She must hang on to friendship when it comes, she must hide when she has to, and ultimately she must fight back.


  • eye-of-the-sheep

    The Eye of the Sheep

    Meet Jimmy Flick. He’s not like other kids – he’s both too fast and too slow. He sees too much, and too little. Jimmy’s mother Paula is the only one who can manage him. She teaches him how to count sheep so that he can fall asleep. She holds him tight enough to stop his cells spinning. It is only Paula who can keep Jimmy out of his father’s way. But when Jimmy’s world falls apart, he has to navigate the unfathomable world on his own, and make things right.

    2015 Miles Franklin Award Winner


  • One Foot Wrong

    A child is imprisoned in a house by her reclusive religious parents. Hester has never seen the outside world; her companions are Cat, Spoon, Door, Handle, Broom, and they all speak to her. Her imagination is informed by one book, an illustrated child's bible, and its imagery forms the sole basis for her capacity to make poetic connection.

    One day Hester takes a brave Alice in Wonderland trip into the forbidden outside (at the behest of Handle - 'turn me turn me'), and this overwhelming encounter with light and sky and sunshine is a marvel to her. From this moment on, Hester learns the concept of the secret, and not telling, and the world becomes something that fills her with feeling as if she is a vessel, empty and bottomless for need of it.

    The story told by Hester in One Foot Wrong is often dark and terrible, but the sheer blazing brilliance of her language and the imagery that illuminates the pages make this novel an exhilarating, enlightening and joyous act of faith. The stars shine brightest out of the deepest dark.

    A novel for adults published by Allen and Unwin

    Long-listed for the Miles Franklin Award 2009
    Short-listed for the Prime Minister’s Literary Award 2009


  • Infinite splendours cover

    Infinite Splendours

    Lawrence Loman is a bright, caring, curious boy with a gift for painting. He lives at home with his mother and younger brother, and the future is laid out before him, full of promise. But when he is ten, an experience of betrayal takes it all away, and Lawrence is left to deal with the devastating aftermath.

    As he grows into a man, how will he make sense of what he has suffered? He cannot rewrite history, but must he be condemned to repeat it?

    Lawrence finds meaning in the best way he knows. By surrendering himself to art and nature, he creates beauty - beauty made all the more astonishing and soulful for the deprivation that gives rise to it.

    Infinite Splendours is an extraordinary novel, incandescent with love and compassion, rich in colour and character. The power and virtuosity of Laguna's writing make it impossible for us to look away; by being seen, Lawrence is redeemed.

    And we, as readers, have had our minds and hearts opened in ways we can't forget.


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